What News Does Parris Convey To Danforth About Abigail?

Danforth is also informed by Parris that Mercy Lewis and Abigail have vanished. Parris thinks that Abigail and Mercy boarded a ship after robbing him. Danforth and Parris talk about the most recent uprising in Andover. Parris fears that, like the people of Andover, the people of Salem will cast out the court.

Similarly, What is Danforth’s reaction to Parris news about Abigail?

What response does Danforth give? After robbing Parris, Abigail and Mercy Lewis have fled. If the people of Salem revolt, Parris fears that he will become a target. Danforth labels Parris “brainless” as a consequence.

Also, it is asked, What does Parris report to Danforth?

What information regarding Abigail Williams and Mercy Lewis did Samuel Parris convey, and why is he concerned for his safety? What response does Danforth give? According to Parris, the girls have left town and he is worried for his safety since the majority of the locals despise him. Danforth, however, disapproves of this fresh information.

Secondly, What news of Abigail does Parris share with Danforth Why is the news of particular concern to the court?

What Abigail-related information does Parris provide Danforth? During her three nights away, Abigail broke into her uncle’s safe. Why is the court so concerned in the news about Abigail? Abigail served as the primary witchcraft witness and assisted the court in finding the guilty party.

Also, What information does Parris tell them about Abigail now?

What information about his niece Abigail does Reverend Parris divulge? She has disappeared, he says. She allegedly took money from him and boarded a ship bound for England with Mercy Lewis (Miler 126).

People also ask, What does Reverend Parris reveal about Abigail and Mercy?

At the start of Act IV, what information does Parris divulge concerning Mercy Lewis and Abigail? that they have taken all of Parris’ money and fled. worry that the locals may turn against them. Many farmers are incarcerated and unable to manage their fields.

Related Questions and Answers

What does Parris say Abigail has recently done?

Terms in this group (12) How does Parris see Abigail’s actions? She took his money and fled permanently, he claims.

What does Parris think Danforth should do about the upcoming executions does Danforth agree?

Because John and Rebecca are so well-liked and respected, Parris asks Danforth to put off their hangings because he has been threatened with death for agreeing to their hangings. I wish to God it were not so, Excellency, but these individuals still carry a lot of weight in the community, he continues (pp.

When Parris says that Abigail had close knowledge of the town what does he mean?

When Parris claims that Abigail “had intimate knowledge of the town,” what does he mean? that she is fully aware of the events taking on in Andover.

How is Abigail’s disappearance a significant problem for Danforth?

How does Danforth’s lack of Abigail pose a serious issue? The absence of Abigail as a coach for the girls may have an impact. Abigail may have left Salem for unknown reasons. Her reputation has been destroyed by testimony concerning her.

What news does the Reverend Parris tell Danforth and Hathorne about Abigail and Mary Lewis?

Parris discloses that Mercy Lewis and Abigail took all of his money and fled during the night.

What does Parris accuse Abigail of?

He claims Abigail is being blamed for laughing at church. 9. What does Parris advise Mary Warren to do when she tells the court that she feigned to pass out? Parris gave Mary Warren orders to pass out in front of the jury.

What does Parris request from Danforth?

Danforth should delay the hangings, not stop them, according to Parris. Because there was a knife in his door one morning, he is still just thinking about himself. He fears that the community may turn against him.

What happens to Abigail at the end of The Crucible?

Abigail exhibits the same icy indifference that drives her actions throughout the play at the play’s conclusion when she discovers that her scheme has failed and that she has sentenced Proctor to death by hanging. She leaves Proctor behind and leaves Salem without giving him a second thought.

What conflict between Danforth and Parris drives the plot forward in Act IV?

What tension between Parris and Danforth propels the story forward? Regarding delaying the hangings, they quarrel.

Who robbed Parris?


Who runs away with Abigail?

By pretending to feel a chilly breeze and see a ghost in the shape of a yellow bird while Mary Warren exposes their deceit, Abigail diverts the court’s attention and undermines Mary’s self-assurance. Act Four begins with the revelation that Abigail took her uncle’s money and fled with Mercy Lewis.

What happened to Abigail in The Crucible Act 4?

Since Abigail is no longer in Salem, it doesn’t really matter that she stole money from her uncle and fled after learning about it in Act 4 (and as a result, her reputation suffers). Over the course of the play, Abigail’s objectives appear to shift.

Why it is important to Danforth and the Rev Parris that Proctor confess?

Why is Proctor’s confession significant to Danforth and Parris? People would believe the court was just after hearing his confession.

Why doesn’t the news that Abigail and Mercy have left town affect the decision of the court?

Why doesn’t the information that Abigail and Mercy have left town influence the court’s rulings? Many innocent individuals have already been hanged. How does Danforth fall prey to his own reasoning? He is citing religion even though the community is no longer reliant on it.

Why is Parris upset?

Why is Parris agitated? He is now impoverished since Abigail took all of his funds before she left. The majority of those detained are all well-liked members of the community, so he appears to dread a mutiny more than anything else if they are all executed.

What request does Parris make of Danforth What is Parris motivation behind this request?

He requests that Danforth put off the hangings. The dread for his own life drives Parris.

What does Parris question his niece Abigail about?

What does Parris inquire about with his niece Abigail? relating to her activities in the wild. What did Parris witness the night before in the woods? Observed a nude lady dancing and Tituba flailing her arms over the flames.

Who did Reverend Parris accuse?

Samuel Parris testified in court against Tituba, John Willard, Martha Corey, Susannah Martin, Rebecca Nurse, Martha Carrier, John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Sarah Cloyce, according to court documents.

What does Parris lie about in Act 3?

Parris repeatedly brings up and discusses the same topics. He tells falsehoods to cover himself. Regarding seeing them nude, he lies.

Who is the first person Abigail claims practiced witchcraft?

born Abigail Williams Around 1681, Abigail Williams died in 1692 or after (aged 11 or older) Acclaimed for being the first accused in the Salem witch trials Relatives Elizabeth “Betty” Parris and Samuel Parris (cousin)

What does Abigail do as soon as Danforth begins to question her?

When Danforth starts questioning Abigail Williams, what does she do? to keep her family and John’s reputation safe. Because she loves John, she doesn’t want his name to be tarnished.

What happens to Abigail at the end of the play quizlet?

By the play’s conclusion, what had become to Abigail Williams? The final time Abigail is mentioned in the text, she and her companion Mercy Lewis had just plundered Reverend Parris of his whole life’s savings and fled aboard a ship.

What happened to Abigail in The Crucible Act 2?

At supper, Abigail reportedly fainted while yelling and withdrew a needle from her stomach, alleging that Elizabeth’s ghost had stabbed her. When Mary and Elizabeth are back together, Mary explains that when Abigail was seated next to her in court, she built the doll.

What role does Parris play in the community use details from the text to explain how this might influence the future action of the story?

Future events in the plot will be influenced by his status as a prominent member of the community. He already understands that allegations of witchcraft coming from his home might ruin his career, as can be seen from the text. He gives the impression of being a guy who would do everything to further his own career.

How does Danforth abuse his power in the crucible?

Judge, Jury, and Executioner Danforth The judge overseeing the proceedings of the Salem witch trials is Judge Danforth in The Crucible. Danforth misused his position by abandoning the residents of Salem and the Law, failing to address this enormous duty with the care and control that is required.


Elizabeth says she does not know what two things does elizabeth say she. Parris tells Danforth that Elizabeth is asking about the “two things” because it sounds like she might be able to help him with his case.

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