How To Tailor Google News?

In order to get more or less articles on a certain subject or source: Indicate the story’s heading. Click More next to the source’s name under the headline. To find similar stories: Click More articles similar to this. Click Fewer articles like this to receive less content similar to it.

Similarly, How do I tailor my Google News feed?

You may modify Google News’ language and region settings, among other things. Through the app, change the settings. Launch the Google News app. Tap your profile photo or initial in the upper right corner of the News settings page. Select the setting by tapping it.

Also, it is asked, How do I customize my Google News widget?

Add a widget for the Google News app. Touch and hold the Home screen on your Android handset. Click Widgets. Grab the Google News widget with both hands. Your home screens are shown. Lift your finger after sliding the widget to the desired location.

Secondly, How do I remove news sources from Google News?

You can conceal a source if you come across one whose content you don’t want to view. This is how: To the right of a subject, tap the three horizontal dots (iPhone) or vertical dots (Android). Then choose Hide all stories from [source].

Also, How do I customize my news feed?

On a desktop, choose News Feed Preferences by clicking the little drop-down arrow to the right of your blue menu bar. This will allow you to further customize your news feed settings. The settings menu on the right is where you choose News Feed Preferences. View and modify the settings in each area to your satisfaction in the pop-up.

People also ask, How do I manage my Google feed?

Here’s how to activate or deactivate the function. Tap “Apps” on the Home screen. Select “Google.” In the upper-left corner, click the “Menu” button. Choose “Settings.” Select “Your feed.” Set the screen’s settings as desired: Updates might appear in the notification area or not depending on the “Notifications” configuration.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I customize my Google interests?

inside the browser Go to in the browser on your Android smartphone or tablet. Tap Menu. Settings in the upper left corner. Tap Manage interests under “Discover.” your preferences. To follow new subjects, click “Based on your behavior” under that. click Add. Tap Block to make a subject in Discover invisible.

How do I hide topics in Google News?

Remove information from a source Locate an article from the source you wish to stop receiving updates from. Click More by pointing at the story’s headline or title. Hide every report from [source].

Can I remove the sports section from Google News?

4 Solutions Select the pencil symbol next to “Manage Sections.” Click the “Delete” trash can icon while your cursor is on the incorrectly named section. Changes should be “Saved.”

Can I customize my widget?

The Search widget that shows on your Android smartphone or tablet may be customized in terms of color, shape, and transparency.

How do I remove stories from Google homepage?

inside the browser Go to on your Android device. Tap Menu Settings Discover in the upper left corner. Keep off the homepage.

How do I remove Google News feed from Android?

Click News settings. Tap Notifications from the “Alerts” menu. Select “Get alerts” to enable them. Turning off Get notifications will disable all notifications.

How do I remove Google News feed from my Iphone?

Open the Google News app, choose your user icon in the top-right area, then select Settings > Alerts to totally off news notifications. You may disable all Google News alerts using the option at the page’s top.

What is your Google feed?

The feed is intended to transform the Google app into a location for browsing in addition to search, and it pulls articles from your search history and subjects you want to follow.

How do I follow a topic on Google News?

You may choose to “Follow” a subject, publication, or place on Google News by clicking the star symbol next to it. By subscribing to your favorite news sources, localities, and subjects, you can personalize your Google News experience.

How do I add a source to Google News?

Locate and touch News to see the most recent list of sources after entering the Settings menu. To see the full list, tap the + button next to the Add news sources option. Look through this list (Figure C) and add any other sources you think are necessary.

Can I block certain topics on Google?

If an item contains a subject you don’t want to read about, you may choose it by clicking the three dots, and then select “Fewer articles like this” from the option that appears. This might aid Google in learning what subjects you want to avoid. When viewing the website on a desktop computer, the three-dot menu is obscured.

How do I manage Google stories?

If you wish to get more or fewer stories: Follow or unfollow a publication, location, or issue that interests you. follow a passion Open Google News on your Android tablet or phone. Tap Search at the very top. Search for a subject, location, or publication, or choose an interest from the list. Click Follow.

How do you edit widgets?

On the Edit Widget page, choose the Content tab. To launch the HTML Source Editor, click the Edit HTML Source icon in the HTML Editor’s lower left corner. Press Update. To apply various stylistic choices to the widget, click Customize Widget Style. See Widget display for editing. To save and close, click.

How do I get rid of suggested stories?

Just adhere to these guidelines: The Suggested Stories view is now open. In the upper right corner of the app, tap the three dots. Select Hide Story. To hide a story, tick the box next to it in the corner. At the top of the screen, tap Hide Story once again.

To open the menu, tap the three-line symbol in the top left corner. Select “Settings.” The “Autocomplete with trending searches” option may be found by scrolling down. Simply choose “Do not display popular searches.”

Step 1: Open the Google app menu (touch the hamburger or three-dot icons in the upper-left corner of the screen) and choose Settings to turn off trending searches in the Google App for Android. 2. Select General. Turn off the switch next to Autocomplete With Trending Searches on the next screen.

How do I get rid of news Home app on Android?

To see the applications on your device, click the “Manageoption. Once you locate the name of the program that has to be removed, scroll down. Regarding Samsung devices: The “Settings” app should be located and opened. Select “Apps” Select “HomePage News.” Select “Home Screen” Choose a different app to serve as your home app. “Uninstall” is found by scrolling up.

How do I change my news feed on my iPhone?

customizing your news When you first open News, touch Following, then tap. Pick the channels and subjects you wish to follow For each channel you wish to subscribe to, press Discover Channels at the bottom of the screen.

How do I use Google News?

Google News functions best when you tell it what you enjoy, much like Google Reader. You’ll need to get familiar with the search bar in order to achieve that. It is located in the upper-right corner of every screen (or at the top of the webpage). You may view a list of recommended subjects and references by tapping it without typing.

How do I change my Samsung Google News for free?

Long-press any empty place on your home screen to access more YouTube videos. Swipe until you reach the last card on the left. To completely turn off the news feed card, tap the toggle. Alternatively, choose Google Discover over Samsung Free. When you press Home, the Google Discover card will appear in front of you.

How do you get news on a specific topic?

Look for certain information Visiting Google News Go to the top and choose Search. Enter your search criteria, such as a subject to read about, a location to visit, or a source to read from.

How can I block all news sites?

How to ban websites in Chrome using the Android mobile software Visiting the Google Play Store Get the BlockSite application. Download the app, then launch it. To provide BlockSite access to your privacy settings, adhere to the on-screen instructions. Click the plus (+) symbol and enter the website’s address to block it.


Google has a new feature called “Google Discover News” which allows users to tailor the news they see. This article will show you how to do that.

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