How Much Does a Surgical Tech Make an Hour?

If you’re considering a career in surgical technology, you’re probably wondering how much you can expect to earn. Here’s a look at the average hourly wage for surgical techs in the United States.

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Health care is a rapidly growing industry, and surgical technologists are in high demand. If you’re thinking of becoming a surgical tech, you’re probably wondering how much you can expect to earn. Read on to learn more about surgical tech salaries and hours.

As a surgical technologist, you can expect to earn a competitive salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median hourly wage for surgical technologists was $25.10 in May 2018. This means that half of all surgical techs earned less than this amount, and half earned more.

However, your exact hourly wage will depend on a number of factors, including your experience level, geographical location, and the type of employer you work for. For example, entry-level surgical techs may earn less than experienced technologists, and those working in hospitals may earn more than those working in private practices.

In addition to your hourly wage, you may also be eligible for some overtime pay. The BLS reports that almost one-third of all surgical technologists worked more than 40 hours per week in 2016. If you do work overtime hours, you’ll likely earn time-and-a-half your regular hourly wage for those hours.

Overall, working as a surgical technologist can be a rewarding career choice with good pay and potential for overtime earnings.

What is a Surgical Tech?

A surgical technologist is a medical professional who works closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other members of the surgical team. They are responsible for preparing the operating room and ensuring that the equipment is sterile and in good working order. They also play a key role in assisting the surgeon during the procedure.

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In order to become a surgical technologist, one must complete an accredited surgical technology program. These programs typically last around two years and result in an Associate’s degree or certificate. Some technologists may choose to further their education by completing a four-year Bachelor’s degree program.

Surgical technologists typically earn an hourly wage of $18-$20. The exact amount depends on factors such as experience, education, and location.

How Much Does a Surgical Tech Make an Hour?

The average hourly wage for a surgical technologist is $21.64, according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This works out to an annual salary of $44,930. However, there is a wide range of possible earnings for surgical techs, depending on factors such as experience, geographic location, and employer.

Entry-level surgical technologists can expect to earn close to the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, or $14,500 per year. Those with several years of experience can earn significantly more, with some making as much as $35 per hour, or $72,000 per year. The top 10% of earners in this field make more than $60,000 per year.

Surgical technologists who work in hospitals tend to earn slightly more than those who work in outpatient facilities or doctors’ offices. Those who work in metropolitan areas also tend to earn more than those who work in rural areas.

How Much Does a Surgical Tech Make in a Year?

How much does a surgical tech make? The median pay for surgical technologists is $20.51 per hour, or $42,700 per year, as of May 2016. This means that half of all surgical techs earn more than this amount while half earn less. The lowest 10 percent of earners make less than $14.14 per hour, or $29,430 per year, while the top 10 percent make more than $26.87 per hour, or $55,890 per year.

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What is the Job Outlook for Surgical Techs? projects that the job outlook for surgical techs is good, with a growth rate of about 4 percent through 2026. This growth is due to the increasing number of surgical procedures being performed, as well as the aging Baby Boomer population.


In conclusion, surgical techs make a very good wage. The average hourly wage for a surgical tech is $25.74, which comes out to be $53,590 per year. This is a very good wage, especially when you consider the amount of training and education necessary to become a surgical tech.

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